Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review – Rated as the Best Laptop of 2021

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review — Rated as the Best Laptop of 2021.

The Surface Pro 7 is Microsoft’s latest laptop, designed in collaboration with the world’s top designing teams. It is built with a sleek, thin, durable design and features a large 12.3-inch display. Microsoft is one of the tech brands that has stood out in this competitive market.

Surface Pro has acquired massive recognition owing to its performance, accessibility, and expandable storage capacity. With Surface Pro 7, you can perform multiple tasks without slowing down the device. Starting from entrepreneurs to writers — Surface Pro 7 is ideal for everyone.

The Surface Pro 7 is one of the best tablets that Microsoft offers. And, recently in the Surface Event, Microsoft revealed a few changes about Surface Pro 7. Thinking about what you can expect from the updated version of Surface Pro 7? Well, this exclusive Microsoft product is going to come with a resolution of 2160 × 1440 pixels. And, Surface Pro 7 also has a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, which can handle daily workloads.

Surface Pro 7 comes with a microSD card holder, USB 3.0 port, and Mini DisplayPort. Further, it also has a headphone jack to connect the different types of headphones. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a cross-platform device, which means it can be accessed from Windows 10, macOS, and Android.

Moreover, it is compatible with Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Surface Pro’s dial interface allows you to access different applications through the touch screen. Want to know more about the Surface Pro 7? Here we have the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

Exclusive Key Specifications of Surface Pro

The Surface Pro 7 comes with a Type Cover keyboard and a Surface Pen. With the Surface Pen, the users can take notes and even make doodles. You can also use the Windows Hello feature only after logging in to the Microsoft account with the right credentials. Furthermore, you can also edit the documents easily from Surface Pro’s substantial-sized screen.

Additionally, the users can multitask seamlessly using the Surface Pro 7’s taskbar. Switch from one web page to another without coming across any loading or system crash issues.

This Microsoft product comes with a PixelSense display that delivers a bright and detailed picture quality. Do you know what the best part of Surface Pro is? It’s also got an SD card slot for extra storage. And, if you experience any problem while using this device, contact the Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Dubai experts.


Things to Explore on Surface Pro 7

You have already checked the price and the color of the Surface Pro 7 that you want to buy. But before that, it’s important to know about a few more factors. Thinking about what it could be? Well, here are the features that have made Surface Pro 7 as one of the best tablets out there —

Use Microsoft Edge

Are you familiar with this cross-platform web browser? Yes! Then use this latest default browser on the new Surface Pro 7. You’ll get to experience Microsoft Edge’s faster browsing experience, which includes features like reading mode, extensions, and Cortana. So, make sure to use Microsoft Edge after buying this laptop.

An Attachment Point is going to be Introduced

Microsoft is also launching some new features for its Surface Pro 7. A new attachment point on the keyboard left will let you connect an external monitor or take advantage of docking capabilities. So, don’t wait! Go to the nearby Microsoft store and buy this Microsoft product now!

Coming with a Better Compatibility

When you buy a new Surface Pro 7, you’ll be happy to know that it will work with all the other devices you have. It’s easy to pair your devices. With the easy-to-use Surface Pen, you can also use it to take notes, jot down ideas, and create digital art. Moreover, Surface Pro 7 has a 4K UHD display designed for streaming and playing games. This high-resolution display makes everything look crisper and crystal clear.

It comes with an advanced processor that prevents the device from freezing. The dual cameras on it let you capture high-quality images. And, there’s also a webcam in Surface Pro 7, which is ideal for video conferencing.

Protect the Data with Windows Hello

With this feature that you can use to encrypt your device and keep your data safe. Windows Hello is a useful security feature of Surface Pro 7. If you forgot the login credentials, you could still access the device with Windows Hello. And, the users can sign in to their Microsoft account with their fingerprint or facial recognition. Moreover, Windows Hello is compatible with cloud storage apps like DropBox.

Use more than 150 Keyboard Shortcuts

Surface Pro 7 comes with a comfortable keyboard that can enhance the user’s typing speed and accuracy. Moreover, its keyboard shortcuts can sort the work within a short span. Using the right key combination, you can get the required apps and files within a second.

Surface Pro 7’s keyboard is super responsive and comes in a black metal color. And, this sort of keyboard material has sport-resistant capabilities. And, you can type at up to 3.5m per second using this Microsoft product’s backlit keyboard. It also has a touch-screen display, which means you can tap and type to get things done.

Exceptional and Long-Lasting Battery Longevity

Surface Pro comes with a high-end battery that can last up to 13 hours. With its USB Type-C port, the device will charge within an hour. And, starting from browsing to sending emails, you can do everything without a single charge. Save the battery life by getting into the Power Mode.

These sorts of features make the Surface Pro 7 worth buying. And, to get this device, you have to make a significant amount of investment. So, it will be better to look for an e-commerce website which is offering deals on Microsoft products. Save money and get the best!

Use the Blue Light Feature

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 comes with a blue light filter. It prevents blue light from causing a strain on the eyes. The screen is easier to see in the dark, and you can use it for reading articles or watching movies. If you’re a person who spends a lot of time on a laptop, this can be a useful feature. Furthermore, the blue light filter can help you avoid eye fatigue issues.

A Portable Device

Did you know Microsoft’s Surface Pro is one of the most light-weighted laptops? It weighs only 1.73kg. And, this can be carried out anywhere; in a backpack or a suitcase while traveling. Another best thing about the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is that it works great on any surface.

Increase the Productivity Level with Microsoft 365

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 also comes with the Microsoft 365 program. It works with OneDrive and works seamlessly with Office 365. It’s important to remember that the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 isn’t meant for gaming. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s design is known for its versatility but not for intensive gaming. And, the one way to work smarter is to take advantage of Microsoft 365. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a great laptop for business work. Surface Pro 7 is an ideal laptop for school and college-going students.

Protect the New Surface

The Surface Pro 7 comes with an active stylus. If you lose your stylus, you will have to pay a fee to replace it. You can use your stylus to draw or even write notes in Microsoft OneNote. And, the users can add photos and videos into the notes as well. And, you can use a stylus to draw on the screen or even write notes in OneNote. Further, you can also insert photos and even videos in the notes that you have created on the active stylish.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review: Best Innovation of Microsoft!

Surface Pro 7 is innovative, high-rated, and awarded as the best Microsoft device. It is capable of running any software or application that you might need to accomplish the work. It is very comfortable to use, and it can be placed on a table or anywhere you want to. By attaching the Surface Pen, Microsoft has also improved the user’s experience. It’s convenient and can be detached easily from the Surface Pro 7. So, buy this laptop now! Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review.

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