13 Top Tech Companies in Nigeria 2022

When trying to find a career opportunity in technology companies, you would like to secure an edge within the best IT Companies in Nigeria. This is because these companies will help sharpen your skills and grow in your field.

The best companies also offer better salaries, better opportunities, job security, and many other mouth-watering remunerations you can find out more IT jobs on Jooble. So, are you looking to make a name for yourself in the technology world?

Then keep reading to ascertain what company to run from and which to embrace with arms wide open. Enjoy!

Top Tech Companies In Nigeria

GOOGLE Nigeria

Google has been at the top of the list of best IT companies in Nigeria to work for many times. This is because there are great advantages you get while working at GOOGLE. One of the advantages of working with GOOGLE Nigeria is the incontrovertible fact that you get to work with a number of smart people. This creates an opportunity for growth.

Another advantage is that you get to enjoy the good features of the company. working with GOOGLE is like being paid to try do what you’re keen on most and have an excellent time.


Mouthytech is a fast-growing IT startup in Nigeria. Mouthytech.com is a technology blog that blogs on tech news, reviews, tech tips & advice, DIY guides & how-to’s that make life easier.

They provide the most relevant technology updates and they make sure their readers are pleased with the contents they provide. They give the best reviews on phones, software, computers, and laptops. Their articles are written by real-life Tech geeks and seasoned authors.

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is understood for providing excellent services to its clients. However, this is often also an establishment you’ll enjoy working with because they create their business to reinforce the talents of their employees by offering training sessions and learning opportunities in many areas.

There is a lot of team spirit in this company that ensures you do your job as a team. Generally, working for MTN is a sort of experience; it’s not just employment but a fun learning experience. They make sure that they hire very qualified individuals so as to satisfy their goals.


GLOBACOM may be a good environment for individual growth because there are many learning opportunities especially once you are just starting. This is one of the reasons why you grow and develop your skills.

At Globacom, you get to learn what you need to know in order to do well on the job. There also are chances of promotion and therefore the salaries paid at GLOBACOM are excellent.


Nigeria is very advantageous. First and foremost, the company provides all the tools the employees need to work with. The other advantage you get from performing at this company is that employees get benefits starting from free phone services, free vehicle amortization and a high level of coaching.

The company has a good working environment and employees that have a good team spirit. It is a corporation that provides you a chance to grow as an individual and as knowledgeable also.

AIRTEL Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is one of the foremost telecommunications companies to work within Nigeria. The company ventures into different fields and takes risks that other companies don’t.

It is, therefore, a corporation that ensures that each one of its employees learns core values and enhances their skills within the business. There are tons of solidarity and support among the workers.

This makes the working experience comfortable and fun. The salary you get at AIRTEL is additionally excellent and there also are chances of getting promoted if you convince to be an excellent employee. Generally, performing at AIRTEL gives you an opportunity to grow.


Microsoft is also one of the leading IT companies in Nigeria. They provide different IT-related services, like Smartphone technology, hardware manufacturing, cloud computing, and developer tools. They provide design tools and software programming tools. Microsoft is a multinational company with more than 10,000 employees.


They are fully into security, wireless connectivity and networking. They are also top specialists in areas, like collaboration, telepresence, and unified communication. The company has close to 10,000 employees in their company across the nation. They are actually international not limited to Nigeria alone.


Ericsson  Nigeria is another great technology company to work with. The management at this company takes the work the workers do very seriously.

This is why they have an excellent working environment for his or her employees and supply everything they need to give them comfort as they work. At ERICSSON you’ll be assured that you simply will have a work-life balance.

INTEL Nigeria

INTEL Nigeria is also a good company to work with. This is because the staff is very knowledgeable in a lot of things that they are willing to share with other co-workers. This is a plus because it gives you access to tons of data. The management at this company is extremely organized and there’s an excellent balance between work life and private life.

The fact that is this is often a worldwide business permits you to meet tons of individuals who can be an excellent stepping stone to the actual height you would like to reach.

Inter-Switch Nigeria

Working at INTERSWITCH Nigeria may be a great opportunity to find out more about technology and sharpen your skills.

The good thing about this company is that the incontrovertible fact that their interviews aren’t difficult to scale through. This is an excellent thing because do not need to worry about screwing up since the questions aren’t difficult compared to other technology companies.

The work environment is additionally excellent and cozy and therefore the employees are friendly and prepared to share their knowledge.

IBM Nigeria

Working for IBM presents tons of great opportunities and advantages. The management is extremely organized and takes its employee’s needs very seriously.

For instance, if you are an employee that requires commuting to work on a daily basis for as long as 45 minutes, the company has a policy for such situations that give you a chance to work from home for 2 days each week.

This is very advantageous because you get to relax and tackle other issues you’ll have. The working environment is additionally very comfortable and there are new skills to learn every day.


Working for the MAINONE Nigeria gives you a chance to challenge yourself each and each day. This is because you’ll be working with very qualified individuals who are determined to do their best to supply great results.

Being around such people causes you to develop similar qualities. At the end of the day, you will learn new things and will definitely be proud to be a part of the team. This comes to the end of the top IT companies in Nigeria. I guess the list was informative enough.

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