Essential Tips to Extend the Battery Life on Your MacBook

Are you wondering why the battery life on your Mac is not as long as it used to be? Now, your batteries will naturally wane out as your Mac grows older. That said, you can still try and extend the life of the battery. This quick guide will tell you how to do this with some easy steps.

Update your software

One way to increase your battery performance is to update your MacBook with the latest version of your macOS. Apple developers work progressively to improve the experience of Mac users including on matters hardware management. Now, when they release software updates, they include energy-saving technologies. The latest version of Mac software contains battery-saving features that will help extend the battery life on your MacBook. You can simply update your software by clicking on the Apple icon then select Software Update.

Use the energy saver

Using the energy saver can also help you ration the usage of your MacBook’s battery power. Thankfully, there’s this article that has some nice and easy tips that you can leverage to extend your Macbook’s battery life. You can switch to the Energy-Saving mode by clicking on the Apple icon, then System Preferences, and select Energy Saver. Next, turn on ‘Put the hard disk to sleep when possible’ and ‘Automatic graphics switching.’ You can turn off ‘Wake for Network Access’ and turn it on only if you want to access a network.

Dim your Display

The display is one of the power-draining items in your MacBook. You can lower the display
brightness to boost your battery life magnificently. However, ensure that you lower it to levels comfortable with your eyes and not levels where you will be required to squint. Dim your screen by clicking on the Apple icon then System Preferences. Next, click on Display and adjust the brightness to levels you are comfortable with. Alternatively, you can use the F key bottoms with a sun icon and upward and downward facing arrows to adjust the brightness. Click on the icon with an upward arrow to increase the brightness and the one with a downward arrow to lower it.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

Connecting your MacBook to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth drains off its battery power. So, ensure that
you turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if they are not in use. This will be a little boost to your
battery life.

Quit application you are not using

Running applications drains battery power that’s why you should try and quit applications that you are not using. Click on the Command and Q keys concurrently. Alternatively, you can click on the application on the top menu bar and click on the Quit option. It is also advisable to check your MacBook background applications as they could also be draining your battery power. Worse even, some background applications could be running without your knowledge. Close the ones that you do not need as it will boost your battery life.

Disconnect dongles

Connecting USB devices like flash drives to your MacBook can drain off its power. If you are
not using the USB device then disconnect it. You should also know that if you are charging any device via the USB port with your MacBook’s not connected to power, then it will drain your power. Avoid charging devices on your Mac to prevent the battery from running low.

Final Remarks:

Extending the battery life of your MacBook is very critical to prolonging the life of your Mac.
Again, your battery won’t last forever but you can squeeze the most out of its lifecycle.

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