Traveling With Mac: Expectations vs. Reality

Running on a low battery? While you are on a business trip with your Mac and you find yourself carrying your Mac around with you – Alas, there is no time for you to charge it. Then you might need to know the ways to save the battery of your system. As you already know the energy saver does not always work, but it is a useful tool.

However, if you are interested to know more. There are additional tips you can learn from this article, which are going to be very productive for you. So, without further ado, here are some of the easy fixes you’ll need to know to increase the battery life of your Mac.

Change your “Energy Saver” settings

If you don’t already know, the fastest way to save battery on your Mac is to adjust your “Energy Saver” settings. The energy saver will dim your display, put your system on sleep mode (when you are not working), and turn off your display to help your battery last longer.

Here’s how you do it

  • Tap the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your display and select “System Preferences”, then open energy, indicated by a lightbulb icon.
  • Tap “Battery” at the top of the box. Then, check the boxes next to “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” and “dim the display”.

Lower your Screen Brightness

Another smart trick is to adjust your display brightness. Apple recommends lowering your screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level to maximize your battery life and get the best result out of your Mac. A Quick Fix: You can use the keyboard shortcuts to lower your screen brightness. Simply press F1 to dim the brightness and F2 to brighten your screen.

Get the Malware

Removing malware from your system will not directly affect the battery life of your Mac but it helps to boost the performance of your Mac indirectly. With Mac cleaning resources at your disposal, you can speed up your Mac in just a few minutes.

Update your OS Version

Working on outdated software on your laptop can adversely affect your battery life. However, if you use the latest version of OS on your Mac, it lengthens your battery life by improving the performance of your system. This is how you do it.

  • Open your system preferences, you can find it by clicking on the Apple icon, in the upper left corner of your desktop.
  • There you will find the “Software update” option. If you are due for an update, it will show a red circle over the gear icon.
  • Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the OS update will take time, try to be patient. As soon as the update is finished downloading, click the “Upgrade now” button and upgrade your macOS version. Also, do not forget to check the automatic updates tickbox. It will keep your pc up to date, without any hassle.

Change your WiFi settings

Turning your WiFi off, when you are not using the internet can significantly improve the battery life on your pc. This is especially helpful when you are working in a cafe or somewhere outdoor. First, it safeguards your pc from any unauthorized access. Second. It extends your battery life.


After a long time of use, the battery life of a Mac tends to get shortened. However, there is always a fix. Follow this guide and get the best results out of your Mac’s battery life.

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