The Impact Of Technology In Healthcare

The Impact Of Technology In Healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Technological innovations in healthcare have saved countless patients and are continuously improving our quality of life. Also, technology in healthcare has had a massive impact on almost all processes and practices of healthcare professionals.

However, In this article, we look at the Impact Of Technology In Healthcare

Impact Of Technology In Healthcare

Research Purposes

Technology has now made it possible for scientists to discover new things discoveries. It has also made it easy for medical practitioners to discover a cure for strange diseases that exist from know where. Also, technology has made it easy for doctors to understand the impact of drugs on the human body.

Digital Health Record

In the past, the medical information of patients was held in separate locations with different health practitioners and hospitals. But, with technology, hospitals now have a digital centralized system containing all records of patients which is easily accessible and traced by a single click. However, and this allows patients to access their records at the click of a button

Improved Communication

Technological inventions in healthcare have facilitated much better communication within healthcare industries. Medical professionals can now use devices such as video, online discussion platforms, and real-time meeting capacities to communicate. This results in improved medical management, treatments, and patient recovery.

Minimal Healthcare Costs

According to research by the University of Michigan. Digital health records reduced the cost of healthcare by 3%. It was also estimated that $5.14 is saved per patient monthly.


Telehealth is a technological innovation that gives patients the opportunity to have a medical consultation with a doctor from anywhere in the world. Moreover, other benefits of Telehealth include: Shorter patient waiting times, Improved access in rural areas, Improved efficiency, leading to savings

Mobility and Mobile Apps

Mobile health apps offer greater flexibility to both the patient and doctor. Mobile apps let people easily monitor their health and wellbeing.


Despite the obvious advantages of the Impact Of Technology In Healthcare. Hackers can take advantage of the online system to gain illegal access to people’s information which is not right.

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