How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post in 2022 Easily

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post in 2022. A lot of businesses and social media savvy individuals are taking to Instagram to market their products. An interesting new feature that has been added allows users to replay one post a day.

This is the way to see who saved the post in the future. It can be a great avenue for those with specific marketing objectives, or those simply building up an audience for their brand. If a user saves a post to their Instagram story, it will show up the next time they scroll through that day’s stories.

For example, if a user saved a video to their story, it would show up again later that day. If a user saved an image to their story, it would show up again later that day. Many times this is not visible unless the viewer goes back to the profile, but now with the added replay feature, it is more prominent. Continue reading to find out How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post in 2022

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

  • Open Instagram and find the post you want to check who saved.
  • Tap the three-dot icon next to the save button.
  • Tap the Info button.
  • Scroll through the viewer’s Instagram account and tap the appropriate story in the list.
  • Tap the profile icon next to the save button to go to the viewer’s profile.
  • Tap the Thanks button.

The above instructions are for Android devices.

Who Saved My Instagram Story in 2022?

Here’s how you can find out who saved your Instagram story.

  • Log into your Instagram account and go to the profile page.
  • Next to the save button, you should see a list of people who saved your story. If you don’t see the list, tap the eye icon and then tap the list again.
  • Tap the person’s name to go to their profile page.
  • Review their story and tap the thanks button to send them a thanks message. Once you do this, you’ll see a message saying that you’ve sent a thanks message.
  • Tap the messages button to go to the list of messages. Scroll through the list and you’ll see that your message is marked as read.

That’s all! You can now go to your profile page and see that you’ve been saved by a specific person.

What app will show me who saved my post on Instagram?

There are a few different apps that can show you who has saved your posts on Instagram. One is called ‘Saved by Others’ and it is available on the App Store. Another is called ‘Who Saves Your Instagram? ‘. However, the best Instagram app to track who saved your stories is called ‘Instagram Stories, and it’s available on both iOS and Android.

Why Can’t You See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts?

The answer is simple: due to Instagram policies regarding privacy. Each Instagram account is protected by said policies, which states
that no other person can see what they see or save on Instagram.

How to Grow Your Following on Instagram

  • Start by creating a strong Instagram profile.
  • Use high-quality images and videos.
  • Post interesting and engaging content.
  • Use hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • Connect with other Instagram users.
  • Promote your Instagram account.
  • Analyze your progress and make changes as you go
  • Generate reports to help you reach your goals

How to Delete Your Instagram Account

  • Open the Instagram app and sign in.
  • Tap on the Profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the main screen.
  • Tap on the three lines in the top-left corner of the Profile screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Delete Your Account.”


How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post? If you’re curious to know who’s been saving your posts, there’s an easy way to find out. Just check the next time you scroll through your Instagram stories. The best app for tracking who saved your stories is called ‘Instagram Stories.

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