How To Text Someone Who Blocked You – 3 Easy Ways

Following on from our recent review on How to Know if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp, here is How to text someone who blocked you.

On all operating systems and social platforms that allow people to connect and communicate with each other, there is always a provision put in place to sever such connections with selected people. The same goes for the native SMS feature on every device.

A number can be blocked by another number, from being able to send SMS or even connect via a call to it.

Network issues from your end can make it look like you have been blocked. When your text does not go through, there are some things you have to cross-check before concluding that you have been blocked from texting the number.

A blocked number wouldn’t be able to place a call to a particular number even at full network coverage. The call will end instantly without even ringing. If the block was done with a third-party app on the person’s phone, the call will be busied once it is about to ring.

A blocked number will not receive an SMS delivery report after sending an SMS to the number. The SMS delivery report has to be turned on to verify this. This is usually not enabled by default, so you have to do so yourself.

To enable SMS delivery reports on your phone,

  • Open the native messaging app on your phone.
  • Through the options menu, navigate to settings on it. If you have two SIM cards on your phone, choose the settings for the one you want to get delivery reports on.
  • Navigate to anywhere that says to enable SMS delivery reports and then click on the toggle switch or checkbox beside it to turn it on.

Let’s look at how you can text a number after you have been blocked from texting it.

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How to text someone who blocked you – 3 Easy Ways

After being blocked, you cannot possibly be able to get across to the person using the same number that was blocked. If it were possible, the idea of privacy behind blocking numbers would have been a total failure. Below are ways you can work around texting after being blocked.

1. Use another number or virtual number

One of the surest ways of texting someone that blocked you is to text the person using another number. Might need a little introduction so they know who is texting, but in the end, it works well in getting your message across.

The only drawback here is getting another number. If you have a second line, that would do just fine. But it is also possible that whoever blocked you, also might have blocked your second line as well. This brings us to alternative or virtual phone numbers for those who do not have a second line.

Virtual phone number

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is not restricted to a particular physical location or device.How To Text Someone Who Blocked You

Virtual phone numbers serve as middlemen between you and others. When you use such a service, you get a new phone number through which you send and receive SMS and calls that are rerouted to your main line. When you make a call or send an SMS, it gets sent from the new phone number. The same goes when there is an incoming call or text. It gets received on the new line and then is transferred to your main line. By doing so, you are using your main line, but what others are interacting with is the new virtual phone number.

By making use of a virtual phone number, you can still text someone that has blocked the main line from that same line that was blocked. The trick here is, it will appear to be sent from the virtual phone number, which is not blocked.

2. Texting via an Anonymous Texting Service

Anonymous texting services allow you to send texts to phone numbers without the need of using your phone number. They provide a phone number for you for that purpose. with the help of these services, you remain completely anonymous, and can therefore text a number that blocked you. is a free web anonymous texting service you can use to send a text to just any number.  No need for a phone number or registration.

  • Just open the website
  • Enter the phone number that you want to message anonymously.
  • Enter the message you want to send.
  • Finally, click on the send button.

How To Text Someone Who Blocked You

you may have to Enter your email address. This is needed for you to receive replies to your message. Since a mobile number of yours was not provided, the hell with anonymity us you did, replies to the anonymous text are forwarded to your email address.

An example of an anonymous texting service is the Spoofcard app. It features Caller ID number masking allowing you to change your caller ID and send protected text messages.

  • Download the SpoofCard App.
  • On the app, select SpoofText, the feature for sending anonymous text messages.
  • Create a new one by clicking on New Spoof Text.
  • Enter the phone number you would like to send a text to, or choose from your phone contacts. You will need to grant the app permission to have access to contacts on your phone.
  • Type your message that you want to send to the number that blocked you.
  • Finally, click on Send to send it.

How To Text Someone Who Blocked You

TextNow is another anonymous texting service you might want to look at. There are many out there, just browse through your device app store and download one that suits you.

3. Use alternative messaging services

When someone blocks your number, it applies only to that communication platform and not beyond. This means you can still text the person on other messaging platforms so long as the person has an account.

WhatsApp is a popular platform that uses phone numbers for accounts to contact each other. You can go ahead and text the number on WhatsApp. Easy!

Final Thoughts

With all that has been said on how to text someone who blocked you. Some of the apps above might not be available for your location, so might need to know how to use VPN to hide your location to be able to use them.

While you may be able to get around texting someone that blocked you using the methods outlined above, it should be to rectify whatever form of disagreement that exists between both parties. Respecting people’s privacy is highly advised, so try to get blocked less often.

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